Hey Lil Me

“Hey Lil Me”

Hey You! Yes You.  Lil Me.  Don’t give up.  You are going to be an amazing woman.  You are going to have to go through some things.  Don’t sweat the small things.  It’s okay.  It all works out in the end.  The bumps and bruises, trust me, they will be all worth it.  

You’re going to feel like things are too much for you at times.  It’s okay.  Have your moment, just don’t live there.  

You’re going to be given the nickname of “Fat So.”  Don’t blame them, they thought it was cute.  Don’t own that either.  Hear it, but don’t internalize it.  This too shall pass.  You have one sister that was called “Bird” and one that was called, “Black Gal”.  Neither name was uplifting or empowering.  They were older than you, but you’ll be able to teach them some things as well. You ladies came from a generation where women were not empowered.  Guess what, you all made it through.  Fist bump Lil Me.  You Made it.

You are a leader in the making.  No really you are.  You will own your own business, a” For-Profit” and a “Non-Profit”, “Events by T Lynn” and “Authentically Me”.  Both speak to who you will become.  You are very creative, Lil Me.  You love the Lord and love working with girls just like you.

See, you will struggle with Low Self Esteem.  You didn’t know that was what it was called.  You knew you felt different from all other girls your age. You will also go through a traumatic experience.  Don’t be afraid, you made it through that as well.  You are a survivor, Lil Me.  You may not feel it now, but you are a conqueror.

There will come a time in your life where you will have to make some hard choices.  When it comes down to it, always choose you.  Some people will not like your decision.  It’s okay, you’ll soon learn it’s not about them.  It never was.

For a while, you were a people pleaser.  You wanted everyone to like you.  While wanting them to like you, you chose their likes, wants and desires.  While you were building them up, you were being torn down.  While you were helping them build their dreams, you were putting yours on the back burner.  You were making their light shine while your light was slowly dimming.

 After God, YOUR life’s choices should be the most important things in life.

 Oh, but God!!  One day your light came on and it was shining bright.

 One day, you decided to build your Brand.  One day you decided to walk boldly into your purpose.

 That day, you chose YOU.  You exhaled and begin to breathe.  You see, you were holding your breath and didn’t know it.  By holding your breath, you were slowly dying.

 Lil Me, you found your Dream, Vision and Purpose.  You found your Authentic Self that was there all along waiting to be released, and that’s when “Authentically Me” was birth.

 If you don’t know what your purpose is, follow your passion and it will lead you to your purpose.

 Written by: Tawanna L. Craig – CEO/Director of Authentically Me – A Non-Profit, 501©3 Organization whose mission is to Empower young girls to pursue their Dreams, Vision and Purpose.

 www.authenticallyme.org – IG: www.instagram.com/authenticallyme__

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