Authentically Me - The Birth

 I am not a professional writer and my post may not be grammatically correct. It may have some run-on sentences.  However, in the end, I hope you get something from the post and walk this journey with me.

Authentically Me Is Birth.  I love to write.  I would rather communicate this way sometimes.  This way, you can’t be interrupted and you are able to get your point across.

I knew I wanted to someday tell my story.  I prayed and asked God to give me something. 

“It’s Not Your Fault” – As a victim of Sexual Abuse, I didn’t learn this until I was 22 Years Old.  My abuse happened when I was 8 Years Old.  I was told not to tell anyone.  Eventually I was made to believe, I must have wanted it because I didn’t tell.  The lies predators make you believe.  Survivor – Tawanna L. Craig

Some victims are never told, their bodies belong to them and no one has a right to it without their permission.

I decided to Fight!!! Fight for “MY” Dreams.  Fight for “MY” Visions.  Fight for “MY” Purpose.  Through this process, I decided, I want to help other young girls to do the same.

I wanted it to be different.  But what does different look like?  “I” wanted to be different.  I wanted to be “Authentic”.  Authentically Me.

So, I researched and I prayed and I asked God, “What would you have for me to do?”

When I started on this journey, we had just begun Life Groups at my Church.  Shout out to Peace Chapel.  The Life Group is about S.H.AP.E.  Spiritual Gift, Heartbeat, Ability, Personality and Experience.

This study came at a great time when I was seeking God as to what direction to go.

My Spiritual Gifts are, Leadership, Exhortation, Teaching and Administration.

I’ve come to realize that my Heartbeat is for Sexually Abuse and the Plight of Young Ladies.  I have a need, a passion to let them know they are Loved, Needed, Valued and Authentic.  They are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.  If you continue with me, you will find out why I have this passion.  Each Blog post takes you on this ride with me.

The Birth of Authentically Me.

Please don’t check out on me.  This introduction is a little lengthy.  However, I needed you to know “My Why”.

I wanted it to mean something.  Something that speaks to who I am.  How I feel and what others may want to convey but didn’t know how.  I wanted it to be authentic.  Lightbulb!!!  In Psalm 139:14, God said, “You are Fearfully and Wonderfully made”.  I am Authentic. 

What does Authentically Me mean?  There is no one else like ME.  There is no one else like YOUAu-then-tic:  I Am 1. Undisputed, genuine, real, bona fide and true.

Priscilla Shier’s wrote in her book, “The Resolution of Women” (The life you’re renovating has far too much God-given potential for you to plant its roots in something so menial.  Dig deep and lean in to the truth - the truth of who you are and what He’s created you to offer the world -and then orbit your life around that steadfast knowledge.)

 It was time for me to dig deep and figure out who Tawanna is.

I have been so many things to so many people.  Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife, Mother, Sista@Heart, Bestie, Aunt, Tia…  Did any of these make me Authentically Me, or did all, of these make me Authentically Me?  The answer is, yes.  I am all, of the above, Authentically.

The Bible said, “I chose you before I formed you in the womb; I set you apart before you were born.  I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”  (Jerimiah 1:5)

God chose Me.  God set me Apart.  God appointed Me.  He did that so that I could serve Him Authentically.

I’ve tried over the years to be like so many other people.  I tried dressing like them, talking like them, acting like them.  I even wanted to speak and teach like them.  Ha!  How authentic was that?

Then one day, I had MY God Moment.  It wasn’t an Aha Moment.  It was a God Moment.  He said, Tawanna, I created you in my image and I don’t create mess.  You have work to do, that only you can do.  I allowed you to go through what you went through so that your testimony can help others.

It’s time for you to be Authentically You and share with the world, The T Lynn Experience.

I pray that you stay with me throughout this journey.  Pray for me on the days where I may get weary, when I feel, I’m not making a difference.  Pray for me on those days where I may get puffed up, and forget who this is really about.  I pray what God has for you, you will receive.  Be Blessed and let’s be Authentic Together.

This appeared on my Facebook page while writing this post.

A Note about Tawanna – Facebook Test

She makes broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.  She walks with the universe on her shoulders and makes it look like a pair of wings.  She is a whirlwind of crazy chaos, but she is so damn passionate, that she is worth it.  She loves life and it loves her right back.  She belongs to no man or land.  She is hers before she is anybody else’s.

She Is Authentic

That is Her! That is Me!  That is She!